Inserting a Model into a Repository

Once your repository has been created, it is simple to insert a model into the repository. Select File | Version control | Check in … from the main menu. The ensuing dialog will warn you about checking for collisions with the latest checked in model to resolve collisions, but if this is the first insertion of the model this is not necessary.

In the text box on the check in dialog, provide some descriptive text explaining any significant changes to the model. Usually these would be changes that have taken place since the model was checked out of version control prior to editing, but for first check in will probably just identify any significant features of the model being checked in.

Click on Check in to insert this version into the version control repository. A dialog will appear telling you the version number of the inserted model, together with the date and time it was created.

Retrieving a Model from a Repository

To retrieve a model from the repository, select File | Version control | Open version store … if the version store is not already selected. In the ensuing dialog, navigate to the folder that contains the version store. Recall that it has the same name as the model, but without the .xml extension.

The model store will open with a ‘Browse version store’ dialog, as shown in the picture below. Note that each version is listed, along with the person who checked it in, the date and time it was created, and the descriptive text that accompanied its check in. The entries are also listed with the most recent at the top of the list, as this is assumed to be the model you are most likely to check out to work on.

The ‘Browse Version Store’ Dialog

Select the version of the model you want to check out for editing, then click Check out … to load it. 

A dialog will appear asking you to select a working folder in which to place the checked out working copy of the model’s XML file. You can open and close the Use Case Editor and keep working on this local copy from the folder you select by using the File | Open…  and File | Save menu options until you are ready to do collision resolution and check the altered model back into the version control repository.