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Ropley Information Technology Ltd. is an independent software consultancy firm that specialises in agile requirements modelling, analysis, design and software development for Microsoft .NET applications. The company has extensive practical commercial experience in modern .NET application development. The company has one full-time consultant who specializes in these areas, as well as in providing course authorship and technical training through Learning Tree International. For details about the company's recent contracting and consulting activities , follow this link.

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Related Web Resources

The demonstration software for the Learning Tree International course 323 on Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML may be found by downloading the file 323xmpl.zip

The Use Case Editor, a tool for capturing and organising use cases using an automated document template and use case diagram generator is available for download by selecting the file UCEditorInstaller.msi from the download page. Pages describing its installation and use are viewed from here.

The course exercises and specimen solutions for Learning Tree course 302 on Win32 Systems and Network Programming may be obtained by downloading the file cse302.zip

Some course exercises and specimen solutions for an example enterprise Web site using ASP.NET may be obtained by downloading the zip file cse506.zip

Assorted sample programs for the .NET Framework can be obtained by downloading the file DotNETSamples.zip

Access the company Portal using this link. Note that this is a secured portal. If you have no account, you will not be able to access the portal.

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Contact Information

Electronic mail address: sdsmith@ropley.com

Web address: http://www.ropley.com/

Skype ID: ropley.com

Phone: (+44) 131 208 8224

Mobile: (+44) 797 400 8224

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