Background and Experience

Job title

Director and sole shareholder for Ropley Information Technology Ltd. Sean is an independent software engineering and development consultant, and a chartered engineer. For a full curriculum vitae, please send an email to indicating who you are and why you would like to see a curriculum vitae. A brief synopsis of his background and experience follows below.

Professional and other qualifications

BSc, PhD, C.Eng (Chartered Engineer), MIET (Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology)

Key areas of expertise

Recently finished full-time role working as Agile Delivery Manager for the Customer Technology division at Transport for London. This involved managing a team of around 55 developers divided into 6 Scrum Agile teams, delivering the next generation contactless ticketing solution for use on London Transport. Worked as development manager on this project for just under four years, building the team and establishing the Scrum and other software development processes.

Outside of TfL, Sean has been responsible for the provision of consulting and contract services to software houses and telecommunications/electronics companies. Particular areas of expertise are:


  • Agile software development using Scrum or XP based methodologies, as well as semi-agile approaches.
  • Object-oriented analysis and design, Unified Process based methods, systems modelling with UML.
  • Windows application development, especially: back office server systems and network programming using C++, C# and VB.NET
  • Multi-tier web site and Web service development using AJAX, ASP.NET technology, WCF, XML and .NET Web Services
  • Office automation applications using .NET and WPF
  • Professional C#, C++, Java and assembler programming experience
  • Highly experienced lecturer/instructor/course author, responsible for several courses offered by Learning Tree International


Selected examples of consultancies or contracts

Examples of consulting and contract services carried out in the past few years, some of which are ongoing:

  • Development of strong-naming secure signature server for siging .NET assemblies prior to product deployment. Work carried out for Aveva Solutions plc in Cambridge, England.
  • Design and development of updates to system test software for aircraft safety lighting systems. Work carried out for Ash Communications Ltd.
  • Agile design and iterative development of contactless future ticketing control software for Transport for London (London Underground and London buses) ticketing systems.
  • Provision of consultancy services to the IT departments of Essex and Kent police forces on the capture and construction of use-case based requirements for a future integrated police workflow application.
  • Consultant on processes for and documentation of software development for MCP Felixstowe


Current Learning Tree Attachments

Contracts with Learning Tree International

  • Course author for Course 1801: Modern Agile Software Design with UML: Hands-On
  • Active instructor for software engineering courses on: Agile Project management with Scrum; Gathering User Requirements; Agile Software Development and Business Modelling.
  • Active instructor for software development courses: C# and C++ programming; ASP.NET enterprise web-site development; WCF and XML Web service development.
  • Technical Editor for course 419 "Hands-on introduction to C#"


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