PDF Projector is a tool that manages the presentation of slides held in a PDF file on a second monitor or projector attached to a Windows PC. The tool has a main window on the PC itslef, with a separate full screen view of the currently selected slide on the projector/second monitor. A suite of annotation tools are available on the main tool window for annotating the corrently displayed page, the annotations appearing immediately on the projected image of the page as they are made. The tool remembers the annotations painted over each page so that if you return to that page the annotations represent themselves. The tool also allows you to create any number of blank slides on which you can draw your own slides while presenting. These annotated blanks are also remembered by the tool and can be returned to later by selecting them from a list of favourite slides in the tool's main window. There are many other features built into the tool, which are described elsewhere.

To download a copy of the tool, visit the Downloads page on this web site, and download PDFPresenter.zip.